Blockchain - The Future of All Database-Based Technology - Understanding The Technology Behind Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Its Impact On Money, Business, & The World

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This book is a layman's book intended to help people totally unfamiliar with bitcoin's base technology, blockchain. Get a practical understanding of how it works.

Make no mistake, blockchain is poised to revolutionize every industry that uses some sort of database or ledger. In other words, it is poised to irreversibly disrupt how data is stored, handled, processed, routed, and implemented.

Blockchain may have first gained worldwide notice with the rise of Bitcoin's cryptocurrency open source software. It has taken on a life of its own since then. More and more industries are looking at blockchain as a way to solve bottlenecks involved in the one to many setup and architecture of most ledgers and database systems.

This guide steps you through the different features within blockchain that provides a more secure, more efficient, and less tamper-proof alternative to ledgers and databases.

Since this technology focuses on how data is stored, processed, passed, and implemented, it stands to revolutionize how companies and societies pass on and come up with information.

Talk about a disruptive technology! Everything that uses a database is a potential target for the tremendous technological sea change blockchains can bring to the table. Everything from file sharing or file folder systems to auction or ecommerce systems to online banking to any kind of data interaction stand to be disrupted by blockchain.

This technology brings a distributed data system that is less prone to hacking and manipulations. Also, since database data is distributed throughout a network, even if a large chunk of the network goes down, business will still proceed as usual.

As awesome as blockchain technology may be, please note that it does have its disadvantages. This book steps you through these weak spots and their consequences for the technology as a whole as well as their impact on the practicality of a whole range of applications that can possibly use blockchain as a foundation technology.

This book gives you a clear understanding of blockchain technology so you can get a better understanding of one of the few current technologies poised to revolutionize many different aspects of our modern life.

Get in the know now before the technology continues to evolve and get closer and closer to becoming downright incomprehensible.

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